Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wings injury update

Mlive is reporting that Lilja will be idle for the beginning of the playoffs due to his concussion he sustained for a fight against Shea Weber on February 28th.

Wings defenseman Andreas Lilja did not receive good news from the MRI he
took on Monday. He doesn't expect to be ready for the start of the playoffs next

"There's a vein up there (in his head) that still bleeds, that's why I
got headaches,'' Lilja said. "I thought I was going to be good today, but I
wasn't. The doctor said there might be a possibility to go in and stitch it up,
but that might be a big risk, too. Just have to wait.'

"It's really frustrating. Time's running out,'' he said.

Brian Raflaski is returning to the lineup Thursday night against the Nashville Predators. He was out with a sore groin. He will be paired with Lidstrom.

Personally, I wish Babcock would leave Lidstrom and Kronwall together. They play great with each other and when they are together, they both get points and/or goals. Why split up a good thing?

Look for a special playoff entry soon. Also, I will placing my playoff predictions for the first round once it is settled on who is playing who.

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  1. Oh man you are right on with the Kronwall and Lidstrom pairing. I too wish Babs would have them on the same line more often.