Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heart of a Ranger

Steve Yzerman's # retirement ceremony brought tears to my eyes for all that he has done for the Detroit Red Wings and for the fact that I grew up watching him play. On February 3rd, the New York Ranger's retired #9, Adam Graves. He started his hockey career off as a Detroit Red Wing so he has a place in my heart just for being a Wing at one point in his career. Watching the footage made me smile because I never seen a man so humble about this amazing honor. He truly has a heart of a Ranger and this ceremony is just as amazing as Yzerman's. Just watch below....

Heart of a Ranger

Banner raising...this gave me chills

Graves is a player that our younger generation of players should look up to. He is modest, a leader and talented. He knows how to make fans smile simply by saying hello to them. Hopefully he'll make the Hockey Hall of Fame because that is where he deserves to be.

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