Monday, March 2, 2009

Melt down

Saturday, February 27, 2009, probably was the first time you would of seen Detroit Red Wings fan turn the game off. That game was the worst played game by Detroit in a long time. You can't even put blame on the goaltenders because the whole team played horrible. It was a complete team melt down. The defense, which has been struggling all season, left our goaltenders out to dry. This game was embarrassing to watch and I can image how embarrassed the players must be. Even Detroit's captain admitted to being embarrassed.

"It's embarrassing, the kind of start we had," Detroit captain Nicklas Lidstrom said. "We knew they always play well in the first 10 minutes, but we didn't respond at all as a team. We came out flat and it's very disappointing." ~

Wings fans can only hope the team has truly learned from this game. It is a good thing this happened during the regular season and not in the playoffs. A game like that during the playoffs is harder to shake off. Wings fans don't want another night where they turn off their TV sets because they're embarrassed or fed up with how their team they love so much is playing as if they don't care. Here's to a winning game on Tuesday against St. Louis!!! *cheers*

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