Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So sorry

Wow, I am so sorry. I'm an epic fail at updating my blog. I can't believe I went all season long without updating. This blog literally slipped my mind until recently.

Tomorrow, actually today since it is after midnight, starts the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Here is a list of everyone in the playoffs and who is playing who in the first round. Along with my predictions.

Eastern Conference

Washington Capitals (1) Vs. Montreal Canadians (8): Washington seems to be a force to reckon with this season. They won the President's Tropy this year and are good canadiante to win it all. Montreal had a struggling season and managed to squeek into the playoffs. Prediction: Capitals in 5

New Jersey Devils (2) Vs. Philadelphia Flyers (7): New Jersey is one of the 11 teams who have 100 points this season. They are always playoff contenders....but are they Cup contenders? Haven't much to say about the Devils because I didn't see them play often this year. Flyers....ugh they beat the Rangers and I didn't want that. Prediction: New Jersey in 6

Buffalo Sabres (3) Vs. Boston Bruins (6): Ryan Miller has had one heck of a season. He made it to the Gold medal game in the Olympics to having a good season with the Sabres. Boston struggled some this year and was thought to be out of the playoff contention at one point. Prediction: Sabres in 6

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) Vs. Ottawa Senators (5): Can't stand Pittsburgh for obvious reason. Again they are Cup Contenders and boy would the NHL and NBC love to see another Detroit Vs. Pittsburgh finals (it be a complete rubber match). Ottawa....where the heck did you come from? Haha! I had no idea they were having a good season. This is what happens when your team is from the West. Prediction: Pittsburgh in 5

Western Conference

San Jose Sharks (1) Vs. Colorado Avalanche (8): San Jose had another great season and have been playoff contenders since the start. However, are they Cup contenders or will the choke like they have in years past? Colorado had a good start to their season but seem to have fallen off their wagon somewhere in the middle of the season. They will give San Jose a run for their money. Prediction: San Jose in 6

Chicago Blackhawks (2) Vs. Nashville Predators (7): Chicago is a young team with a lot of heart and everyone knew since the end of the season last year that they would be in the playoffs this year. Can the over come the Hossa curse tho? Nashville battled it out with Detroit at the end of the season for what position they would be in. I am sure Nashville wishes they were in Detroit's position instead. Prediction: Chicago in 6

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. Los Angeles Kings (6): Vancouver has the Sundin Twins working their magic but are questionable with Luongo. Even though Luongo had won the gold medal for Team Canada can he win Vancouver the Stanley Cup? LA has had a wonderful season that I didn't see coming. They are a team I could see upsetting Vancouver in the playoffs. Prediction: Los Angeles in 6

Phoenix Coyotes (4) Vs. Detroit Red Wings (5): Wow! Who would have thought Phoenix would have the season they have had and be in the playoffs this year. No one saw this coming. They are a young team who have a lot of players with none to little playoff experience. Their goaltender has had a great season. The Wings have had a year of struggles; from injuries to team collapaes at times needed most, it amazes some fans they made it into the playoffs. Howard is leading the team in net and this series will be a duel of the goaltenders. Prediction: Wings in 6

Here is the Detroit Red Wings 2010 Playoff Round One schedule:

Game 1: Wednesday at Phoenix, 10 p.m. (FSN, Versus)
Game 2: Friday at Phoenix, 10 p.m. (FSN, Versus)
Game 3: Sunday at Detroit, 3 p.m. (NBC)
Game 4: Tuesday, April 20 at Detroit, 6:30 p.m. (FSN)
x-Game 5: Friday, April 23 at Phoenix, 10 p.m. (FSN, Versus)
x-Game 6: Sunday, April 25 at Detroit, 2 p.m. (NBC)
x-Game 7: Tuesday, April 27 at Phoenix, TBD (FSN)

x-if necessary

The Versus telecasts are subject to a blackout in the FSN Detroit coverage area. Coverage includes "Red Wings Live'' 30 minutes prior to and immediately following all FSN telecasts.

All games are on TSN in Canada.

I will put up a game preview closer to game time. Again I am sorry for forgetting about this blog. I promise I will make this playoff time a good one and the off-season. I vow to keep this blog updated next season as well.

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