Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009-2010 NHL Regular Season Begins Tonight

It is every hockey fan's favorite day of the year...well one of them. The NHL season opens up tonight with Toronto, Boston, Calgary and Colorado all having home openers. Too bad I have to work tonight or I would be watching one of those games if not all at one point (Center Ice = amazing).

Tomorrow the Detroit Red Wings open the season in Sweden against St. Louis. From the Wings last pre-season game in Sweden, they look strong and ready for the season to begin. Wings fans hope the team have improved with their defense and PK. And Osgood has to rebound from last years horrible regular season run; which I have complete faith that he will. Our offense can't save the defense this season like they did last year. We need our defense to step up, we need the players on the PK to step up and Osgood, well he proved himself in the playoffs and I expect he will be just fine this regular season. Howard has a lot to prove in order for fans to be sold on him and he will prove that this season (I hope).

It's a clean slate for all the teams and I wish every single team the best of luck this season. Fans of all teams, enjoy the hockey season, I know I will! :]

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