Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am alive

Yes I am alive. I just been so occupied with the SCF's, work and life in general that I haven't had a chance to get on here. Actually, blame the game Farkle on Facebook. I got addicted to it and the time I've been playing that I could of updated this, opps.

As many know, we have a game 7 on Friday night. For both fans, Wings and Pens fans, this has to be the most nerve wrecking game of the series. It's do or die for both teams. For fans, it's the night of tears; tears of either celebration or tears of losing.

As a Wings fan, I believe that Detroit can win this. When it's do or die situations, Detroit goes out their and plays 200% hockey. I wouldn't expect them to play anything less than that on Friday night. However there are a few things I would like to see...

The 3 H's; Hossa, Hudler, Holmstrom. I would like to see these 3 show up and do something on the score sheet. All 3 are due. Out of the 3 however, I am disappointed in Hossa. He came to this team to win the Cup but the way he's been playing in this series makes me question if that is indeed what he wants. He knows how to get around Pittsburgh Players and knows how to score goals (heck, he lead the team in the regular season with the most goals). Game 7 is the last game he has to redeem himself.

Osgood for Conn Smythe. Since game 1 of round 1, Osgood has played the best hockey I have ever seen him play. The few games that Detroit has left him out to dry in the playoffs, the score could of been much worse but Osgood came out and shined through the dark clouds in front of him. He is by far the best Red Wing on the ice next to Zetterberg. I am enjoying every ounce of great hockey by Osgood because by him playing like this, he shuts up every non-believer by showing them that he is a great goaltender.

A Sea of Red. On Tuesday, everywhere I went, I saw at least 5 people wearing Red Wings shirts, jersey or just plain wearing red. I hope to see the same thing on Friday if not even more than what I saw on Tuesday. I work till 8pm on Friday and I will be at work decked out in Red Wings gear. I will be wearing my Al The Octopus on my shoulder at work along with everything else I wear on game days and showing my pride. Even if you aren't a hockey fan and you see someone decked out in Wings gear, you are proud. So, Wings fans, get decked out and be proud on Friday.

Joe Louis Arena Rocking. As the playoffs go on, Joe Louis Arena seems to get louder with every game played. I expect the fans to make the roof blow off Joe Louis Arena and show other fans in the NHL that we are indeed very loud and not quiet as some believe. I actually challenge all the fans that will be in attendance at Joe Louis Arena, cheer the loudest you ever have. Come home with no voice, it will be worth it. I challenge the fans who can't attend game 7; no matter where you are at, the bar or at home, be as loud as you can be to cheer on our boys. Show everyone why us fans love our Detroit Red Wings.

For Wings fans...DON'T STOP BELIEVING!!!

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