Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The NHL Store in NYC

Back in November 2008 I made a trip to the NY to visit my boyfriend. We spent the day in NYC and made a trip to the NHL Store. Here is my experience.


On November 15th, 2008 my boyfriend took me to the NHL Store in NYC. When I stepped into the store it I was like a kid on Christmas. To see all this hockey merchandise and NHL apparel made me excited. Granted, I am a girl and do like shopping at times but this was different. I am not such a girly girl and shopping for me is something I actually do little of. But this was different. There was so much I wanted but knew I could not have it all *tear*.

The stores layout was nice. I enjoyed seeing the super sized fathead images on the walls. I surprisingly didn't notice that much Crosby loving going on in the store; this is something I heard and have seen from people I know who have been to the store before. However, for me I instantly noticed the Datsyuk fathead on the wall and eventually noticed the fathead image of the Wings locker room.

The prices in the NHL store are slightly expensive. I bought 3 shirts; 1 Red Wings tshirt and 1 Red Wings hoodie and 1 New York Ranger's shirt. I spent about $160 for 3 items. Granted, it cheaper if you think about it because I didn't spend money on shipping as I would on the The store had shirts from NHL teams that no longer exist. I am hoping to go back and buy a North Star t-shirt in February. Now, the NHL store lacked in the Red Wings merchindise which made me sad. You would think that with them being the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions they would have more merchindise. The one thing I did like about making a purchase there was their bags. One bag was a back pack type bag with hockey skates on it and skate laces for the arm bands. This bag came in handy that day as well. For a bigger purchase they had a bag with Luongo on one side and Datsyuk on the other side.

Overall, I would go back to the NHL store and spend more money. I advise all hockey fans to come with a couple hundred dollars to spend though. But, true hockey fans wouldn't mind spending the money.

NHL Store gets 4 stars out of 5. ****


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